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How do thermal lunch bags work?

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People who love home cooked meals over takeout or fast food and pack their own lunch for work completely understand the importance of thermal lunch bag since food can go unrefrigerated for hours. Thermal lunch bags are usually designed from heavy yet flexible thermally insulating fabrics like neoprene and polyester that maintain the temperature of bag contents against the exterior environment while controlling moisture and preserving freshness.

The secret behind thermal lunch bags is multi-layer insulation and heat transfer. They are formed with a layer of thin but highly resilient, dense heat-reflective insulation material placed in the space between two surfaces – inner and outer. The inner lining of the bag is usually lightweight, durable waterproof fabric like nylon, poly, and PVC, while the outer layer can be from heavy but flexible materials like rubber, polyethylene, etc.

The layers trap still air or also known as dead air for heat retention. The insulation layer decreases the energy dissipation to the exterior settings, so there’s no heat flow through the bag. That helps to improve thermal efficiency and offers better insulation results. The space between layers reduces the thermal conduction and damage to the insulation that creates a barrier between the cold and hot objects. When two items have different temperatures, the heat is automatically transferred from one element to the other as soon as they are in contact. And once they reach the same temperature, the flow of heat will stop and the bag will maintain a particular temperature.

Long gone are the days when you had to take a big, weighty ice chest with you to the beach or picnic so you could store food or keep the drinks cold. Well, not anymore because thermal bags of today are an all-in-one solution – convenient, light-weight, stylish, reusable, and insulated. They are very similar to those clunky chests, but with excellent features and in small size and better version. You can even carry ice cubes in the thermal bags, and they won’t liquefy for hours. The phenomena of multi-layer insulation is what keeps the contents of the bag hot or cold.

Here at YookeeHome, we offer an array of waterproof, insulated bags in various sizes suitable for different jobs. Our thick insulated thermal cooler lunch bags are available in different prints and colors and ideal for carrying several containers, utensils, water bottle, and other small stuff.

Check our exclusive collection of bags. Not only are these bags excellent for carrying to the campsite, picnic, and beach but also to the office and school.

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They have a layer or layers of air trapped between the inner and outer layers of the bag, so that the heat has a harder time moving into or out of the bag. Additionally, they are sometimes coated on the interior surface with reflective material that reflects the radiated energy back, rather than absorbing it and transmitting it out of the bag.

Iqbal Ahmed
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Layers are the key to the thermal bag’s ability to keep foods hot or cold. Each one is made of at least one outer layer, one inner layer and a layer of insulation material in between. The outer layer can be made from a variety of materials, like heavy fabric, plastic or vinyl. The middle layer is the most important layer. It is generally made of some type of foam, which is one of the best insulators and is conveniently lightweight and flexible. The bag’s inner layer is usually made from some type of waterproof material. Plastic, vinyl and foil liners are most common. You can see a couple of examples here…

Eco Range Bags

Alfred Moor
Alfred Moor, Reusable Bags manufaturer at Icegreen (2008-present)

Use of Thermal bags, in addition to being reusable, is that they can maintain hot food hot and cold food cold for longer than a plain old brown or plastic bag. Thermal lunch bags are Easy to clean up. The Crosstown has a long, adjustable band, mesh pockets on the sides for water bottles these high quality make it much more requiring.

Ranges of thermal lunch bags.

If you are thinking of going Green choose an Eco friendly Thermal lunch bags

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Sergio Martin

The cooling technology also means that placing room temperature food or drink inside the freezable cooler bag will actually chill it after approximately 2 hours. Coolpod freezable cooler bags are easy to use and the compact sizes also means that it will not take up too much space in your freezer.